Are you ready to be brave? #digitalbravery

How has 2014 been for you?  For me it has been a myriad of so many things, amongst them – new connections, a new business, I set up a permanent space (ekkk), letting go of old shit (or at least trying too), moving forward with dreams and ambitions, attempting to “fail fast” – thanks Lisa Messenger and so so much more.  But at it draws near I am so ready for 2014 to be gone to be honest.  The end of the year has been struggle on a lot of levels for me in business – do I or don’t I, what if this, what if that you know the drill I’m sure at one point we all get there.  So for me when Jaclyn emailed and suggested I become an affiliate* member of her tribe for her Digital Bravery e-course I thought HELL YES this is what I need.  I haven’t taken on an affiliate marketing program before so this is new for me but it is something that I truly believe in which is why I said YES without hesitation.  I connected with Jaclyn when she accepted my invite to present at SPLASH this year.  I didn’t have a lot of time on the ground with her but I really dig what she does and I think you will too.

So what is this Digital Bravery e-course I speak of?  It is this – A 30 DAY COURSE IN FEARLESS MARKETING FOR CREATIVE MINDS – it’s time to make amends, start fresh, be bold and be brave. That’s what Digital Bravery is all about. It is so much more than these few words and Jaclyn describes it –

“I want today to be the last time you feel lost, confused or frustrated when it comes to building your business or career using social media and digital marketing. I speak from personal experience when I say that looking toward the future with clarity and confidence is the best feeling in the world – and I want to help get you there.”

Sounds like something that you need in your life?  You can purchase the early bird offer today for $397 until 7 DECEMBER ONLY then the regular price is $497.

To purchase the early bird offer – click here or visit our shop to purchase


*As I mentioned I am proud to be an affiliate member and assist in promoting Blog Society’s e-course.  In doing this I am paid a commission for whatever I sell.