Despite Cyclone Marcia “dampening” the sparkly parade Kate Toholka created magic at her first Find Your Spark workshop in the Paper Runway studio.  We were honoured to host Kate Toholka and her Find Your Spark workshop.

Kate is kind and passionate about what she does and she knows her stuff.  I watched as she spent time with each attendee, engaging with them, unravelling their “stuckness” (yes it is a word), inviting them to feel what was within to bring them clarity.  You might think to yourself – yes but that’s what they paid for and indeed they did but not everyone delivers and not everyone does it well and not everyone has the calm and engaging nature that Kate does.  I can whole heartedly endorse this workshop.  We hope that Kate will come back soon (without the cyclone or humidity please weather Gods).

To say the Paper Runway studio is beautiful is really an understatement. Nikki is the ABSOLUTE legend – warm, generous, kind, loving, caffeinated (hehe!) beauty behind the gorgeous Paper Runway studio. If you’re looking at running an event in Byron Bay, Nikki is your woman. Even Lisa Messenger thinks so – Kate Toholka

Want to read more?  You can read Kate’s full wrap up here

Images | Kate Holmes Photographer